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Depilight Plus is the high powered 808nm diode laser for permanent hair removal. More enhanced power provides shorter pulse width so that it reduces patients' pains. Also Depilight Plus is available for treating various applications to all kinds of skin types, regardless of a Westerners or Easterners because it provides various pulse mode.



Depilight Plus operation is safe by uniform and stable laser beam quality of 808nm diode laser. It minimizes thermal damage with monochromatic wavelength.

Less Pain

Depilight Plus relieves pain with strong power in a moment, short pulse width and 3 cooling system (Sapphire-tip contact cooling, an optional separate double cooling tube and an optional exteriors cooling installation).

Shorten operating time

Depilight Plus provides more rapid and accurate medical operation by the enlarged spot size.

Various applications

Four different pulse mode and an optional hand piece treat lots of applications for most kinds of skin and hair types.


Collimating lenses uniformly radiate direct wave so that the treatment area could be pointed precisely. It helps to reduce patients' pain and gain better treatment efficacy because it decreases the loss and scattering of laser output.

Technical Specifications

Laser Type High power laser diode
Wavelength 810 nm
Energy Output Up to 120J/cm2
Spot Size 12 x 11 mm
Pulse Duration Up to 625ms
Repetition Rate 1~ 10Hz/ 1Hz Step
Cooling Water Cooling (-5°C ~ 5°C)
Optical Guide Sapphire Crystal
Pulse Mode DP1, DP2, FDP

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