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CO2 Fractional Laser System

Fraxis is a superior CO2 fractional laser system. It radiates macro laser beam with a sophisticated scanner for epidermal resurfacing and an optimum thermal effect at dermis level. Uniformed and stable beam quality by 30w RF metal tube provides safe and accurate operation. Optimum beam size minimizes PIH risk & down time and maximizes thermal effect with ablation.

Strength and Advantages

  • High Power (CW Real Max 30w.) supporting short duration
  • Uniform and stable power supporting high beam quality
  • Less pain and less risk
  • Shorter operation time by fast scanning
  • Accurate operation by multi shape & scanning pattern
  • Replaceable fractional and normal hand piece
  • Minimize thermal damage & maximize treatment effect
  • Easy to operate with Wide Touch screen (10.4 inch) & user interface

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